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Kelley is a licensed therapist, burnout expert, and self-care advocate.

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Kelley Bonner helps black women opt out of a life filled with struggle and into a life filled with joy and authenticity. She provide actionable tools and resources to help them break out of burnout and instead live the life of their dreams.
The Black Girl Burnout podcast has over 120,000+ downloads, and who’s host has been featured in Podbean, Ebony, Bustle, and Sunday Riley, and the podcast has been featured as a top podcast for healing on xoNecole.  

Kelley's audience is filled with professional black women eager for products and services that bring ease, joy, and comfort to their lives and help them on their journey to self-improvement. Her listeners are driven, passionate, and determined to embrace a life of soft living and spiritual and mental nourishment.
A recent survey from Discover pods learned that 55% of podcast fans have purchased an item advertised on a podcast, and 89.8% of listeners believe podcast ads are effective.
Kelley works with partners to create inspirational, educational, and motivational content. She has been podcasting since 2019, and with Black Girl Burnout, Kelley has built a warm audience that trusts her recommendations and content. Together we can share your products and services and get your message in front of the people you want to connect with.

Do you want to showcase your brand to millennial, financially savvy black women who value self-improvement, soft living, and community?

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reviewers say:

- ThisBlkGirl 

Such great tips and real conversation that is needed to create safety and a place for Black women to breathe.

"Thank you for this space!"

- WifeGirl 

First, I want to say a BIG thank you, Kelley, I feel that you are my personal therapist, I have been listening like I’m binge-watching a Netflix show, lol, I’m hooked. So again, I’m grateful for your platform/podcast for US 

"One of the most fulling podcasts ever"

- KelbyPierce 

This podcast is like having a talk with your girlfriend. I'm enjoying the content and its relevance to my life. Well done!

"Soothing and Inspiring!"

- Brittany Nichelle 

I love this show! It came at a time in our culture where black women feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. It has become a part of my morning routine to listen and implement the healing practices.

"The Podcast Every Black Woman Needs"

- QueenRootz

Starting my New Year with the continuation of building a better pockets of health and wisdom. This is already such a great source to be empowered and rejuvenated. Thank you for this podcast and I am passing this along to my friends. Keep going!🙌🏿✨✨


Kelley Bonner is a licensed therapist with over 15 years of experience helping people and organizations transform, evolve, and heal burnout. She believes black women have been systemically taught that their legacy is struggle, while their legacy is actually one of joy and accomplishment.

In her "day job," Kelley transforms workplaces by reducing burnout and bias, resulting in increased innovation and inclusion. She provides a framework for leaders to understand the deeper organizational issues that lead to symptoms of burnout and how to solve them at their core. 

As the founder of Burn Bright Consulting, Kelley is revolutionizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, sexual misconduct, and psychological safety training with proprietary frameworks proven to increase innovation and lead to happier work environments. Kelley has worked with several federal and international organizations to create safer environments and strategies for violence prevention, including the Biden Administration, U.S. Military, Library of Congress, National Academy of Sciences, The United Nations, and NATO.

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