Opt-Out Obsessing Over Heartbreak

Feb 4, 2022

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I'm Kelley — licensed therapist, burnout expert, and host of the Black Girl Burnout podcast. I encourage black women to opt out of struggle and opt into our legacy of joy and accomplishment. Join me!

Meet Kelley


Welcome to Black Girl Burn Out with Kelley. Today I want to talk to you about opting out of our obsession with heartbreak. Have you ever been heartbroken? Yes, right. Everyone has experienced heartbreak in one form or another. But did you know that a decline in the hormone dopamine contributes to why we feel so emotionally low? Our culture delivers beautifully melodic sad songs to help us cope with the pain. However, this only extends the time that we find ourselves attached to those sad emotions. If you are tired of feeling emotionally bound to the rollercoaster of heartbreak, this episode is for you. What if you could break free from holding on to heartbreak for weeks, months, and years. Let’s talk about it.