Opt-Into Your Gifts

Mar 11, 2022

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I'm Kelley — licensed therapist, burnout expert, and host of the Black Girl Burnout podcast. I encourage black women to opt out of struggle and opt into our legacy of joy and accomplishment. Join me!

Meet Kelley


Welcome to the Black Girl Burn Out Podcast with Kelley. Today I want to talk about opting into utilizing your gifts in the workplace. How many of you are in a career, but don’t feel like you are living up to your full potential. A very smart friend of mine once told me that your inner genius resides at the intersection between ease and joy. When you can incorporate your passion and natural talents into your workday, this is the recipe for achieving peak performance within your career. Are you doing work that brings you joy? If you want to learn more about healing practices designed to help you with identifying what your gifts are and how to incorporate your gifts into your daily life, this episode is for you. Let’s talk about it.