Opt-Out of Emotional Exhaustion

Mar 31, 2022

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I'm Kelley — licensed therapist, burnout expert, and host of the Black Girl Burnout podcast. I encourage black women to opt out of struggle and opt into our legacy of joy and accomplishment. Join me!

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Are you tired? Today I want to talk about opting out of exhaustion. We’ve talked about opting into rest and my love of the nap ministry, which you can find on Instagram. But today I want to specifically focus on emotional exhaustion. Lately, exhaustion has been present across many demographics, but particularly amongst my fellow Black Women. Some are physically tired, but even more, are sick and tired of the mental fatigue from ongoing engagement with the struggle. Please believe, the struggle is real. So, I am going to cover effective strategies that you can use to navigate your journey towards opting out of exhaustion. Here is my question to you, is your mental health important enough to set healthy boundaries in your life? Let’s talk about it.