Opt-Into Knowing Your Worth in Partnerships

Mar 25, 2022

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I'm Kelley — licensed therapist, burnout expert, and host of the Black Girl Burnout podcast. I encourage black women to opt out of struggle and opt into our legacy of joy and accomplishment. Join me!

Meet Kelley


Welcome to the Black Girl Burn Out podcast with Kelley. Today’s episode marks the conclusion of this week’s 3-part “Know Your Worth “series. Thank you so much for journeying with me. To recap, Jessie Behrman’s quote, “When you learn how much you’re worth, you’ll stop giving people discounts” was established as the anchor concept of this series. We’ve talked about how to align with your worth in the business /professional realm. Plus, we addressed ways to manage boundaries with friends and family. However, knowing your worth in relationships is especially important. So many times, we go into relationships/partnerships, unaware of our value.

Listen, if you don’t know your worth your true value, no one else is going to know it either. We often unintentionally project a vibe that we are for sale and at a cheap price.

When this happens, we tend to give discounts to people who truly are not worthy of us. Here is my question to you, who are you giving discounts to? Let’s talk about it.