Opt-Out Of Toxic Positivity

Mar 28, 2022

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I'm Kelley — licensed therapist, burnout expert, and host of the Black Girl Burnout podcast. I encourage black women to opt out of struggle and opt into our legacy of joy and accomplishment. Join me!

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Today we’re going to talk all about what toxic positivity is and effective strategies that will help you to opt-out of that state of being. I, in full disclosure, am kind of obsessed with Instagram, it’s my social media of choice. Over the last six months, I have seen an increase in posts about toxic positivity on Instagram.

During the pandemic many have lost family members and struggled with high levels of anxiety and depression due to prolonged periods of isolation. In my research, I found that toxic positivity is directly linked to struggle, one of the cornerstones of this podcast. If you are at that stage in life where you are available take action steps towards positive change, this episode is for you. Here is my question, are you ready to opt into healthy optimism? Let’s talk about it.