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Glow-up for 2024


The Foundation of Self-Discovery The journey starts with understanding and aligning your true self, a process Jodie describes as the “glow-up.” Central to this is the wellness wheel—a tool that helps you assess various aspects of your well-being and identify areas needing attention. This is about more than just physical health; it encompasses emotional, social, […]

Unlocking Your Authentic Code: A Journey to Self-Discovery

Apr 23

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Welcoming a Year of Transformation Hello and a vibrant welcome to all as we embark on this exciting journey in 2024! It’s Kelley, your host from the podcast. As we stride into this new year, I’m thrilled to share the essence of our podcast and the profound philosophy it’s built upon. It’s about embracing a […]

Embracing the Opt-Out: A Journey of Joy and Abundance in 2024

Jan 26

The Importance of Healthy Friendships Welcome to a special blog post inspired by the latest episode of the Black Girl Burnout podcast. This episode delves into the significance of building and maintaining healthy friendships. Intimacy in friendships is about finding someone with whom you can feel safe and soft. This post aims to explore the […]

Opt Into Healthy Friendships

Dec 29

Understanding Intimacy Beyond the Physical Intimacy is often misunderstood and narrowly defined, especially in the context of black women’s experiences. While many associate intimacy primarily with physical acts, its essence lies much deeper. Intimacy encompasses a close familiarity or friendship, a cozy, private atmosphere, and, yes, physical closeness, but it’s not limited to it. For […]

Dec 15

Explore digital detox as a tool for empowerment and peace, setting boundaries to engage effectively in activism and community work while nurturing mental health.

Embracing Digital Detox: A Journey Towards Peace and Empowerment

Nov 17

Tap into the power of trusting your gut and find joy.

Trusting Your Gut: The Key to Joy and Abundance

Jessica Felicio's woman in glasses

Nov 8

Learn powerful tools to help you navigate pain and find peace.

Blk Wm at Peace

Nov 4

I know how important it is to take care of your mental and emotional health because I’ve been through stress. So, I wanted to share three tech tools I’ve been using to keep track of my work and keep from getting burned out.

Stay Organized and Relaxed: The Best Tech Tools for Managing Work and Wellness

May 1

As black women, it’s important to prioritize our own well-being to prevent burnout and reject the myth of the “strong black woman.” Here are some ways to prioritize softness and self-care.

Creating a Culture of Self-Care and Vulnerability During Your “Soft Girl” Era

Medium complexion woman of color in a white robe and white towel wrapped around her head, reflected in a mirror as she opens a container of moisturizer

Mar 10